Billy Graham Interview

Missionary Held Hostage

“Gracia Burnham and her husband, Martin, were forced to live with their captors in the jungles of the Philippines. Food was often scarce, water was often dirty and their captors could be brutal. And their journey didn’t end the way they prayed it would.”
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CBS News Interviews

Philippines Terror Ends In Tragedy

“U.S.-trained commandos freed a Kansas missionary after more than a year in captivity Friday but her American husband and a Filipino nurse were killed during a shootout with their Muslim extremist kidnappers.”

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45 Hours: Hostage

“A U.S.-trained scout ranger company sets off on a dangerous 48-hour mission to free two American hostages, Martin and Gracia Burnham of Kansas, held captive by terrorists for eight months.”

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CNN Interviews

Philippines Terror Ends In Tragedy

“In May 2001, the couple was kidnapped in the Philippines by Abu Sayyaf, a group of al Qaeda-linked Muslim extremists. They were held captive in a jungle for about a year. Last June, a rescue by the U.S. military resulted in Gracia’s release but also Martin’s death.”

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National Geographic Interview

Anniversary Nightmare

“While on their anniversary trip in Dos Palmas resort, a couple is taken hostage along with 18 others.”

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100 Huntley Street Interview

Held Captive in the Philippines for Over a Year

“After quietly serving God as missionaries in the Philippines for 17 years, suddenly in 2001 a terrorist group kidnapped the Burnhams along with several other people. By November 2001, only the Burnhams and one other hostage remained in captivity. For 376 days Martin and Gracia experienced frequent gun battles, near starvation, and constant exhaustion.”

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CBN Interviews

Flying Again: Burnham 10 Years after Kidnapping

“Missionary Gracia Burnham, whose story of being held hostage by a radical Muslim group and losing her husband during their rescue, is helping others be set free.”

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Gracia Burnham Remembers

“In 2012, Gracia Burnham marked 10 years since the end of her captivity at the hands of Muslim rebels in the Philippines. It was also the anniversary of her husband Martin’s death, who was killed in the rescue. Earlier this year, CBN NEWS talked with Gracia about how she’s been reaching out to her former captors.”

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The Atlantic Interview

To Catch a Terrorist

“On May 27, 2001, a small militant Islamist group known as the Abu Sayyaf kidnapped 20 vacationers and staffers from a resort on an island in the Southern Philippines. Their hope was to pressure the Philippine government into granting Muslim Filipinos an independent state.”

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The New York Times Interview

Captured Missionaries’ Family Prays and Waits

“After seeing a picture of her mother’s sallow face beamed over the Internet the other night, 12-year-old Mindy Burnham changed her bedtime prayer. Instead of asking for the release of her parents, missionaries being held hostage by Muslim militants in the Philippines, she just begged God to stop their suffering.”

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Baptist Press Interview

Gracia Burnham set to release book about Philippine captivity

“Gracia Burnham has co-written a book about her experiences relating to the kidnapping and captivity she and her husband endured at the hands of Muslim extremists in the Philippines. The book, called “In the Presence of My Enemies,” is set for release May 4.”

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Word & Way Interview

Burnham tells of God’s faithfulness

“Keynote speaker Gracia Burnham, a New Tribes Mission missionary who survived more than a year of captivity at the hands of Philippine terrorists with her missionary pilot husband, Martin, left hundreds of friends of the Foundation spellbound as she told her story.”

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Answers in Genesis Interview

Special Visitor at AiG

“I was thrilled on Wednesday to meet a very special visitor at AiG—Gracia Burnham. Gracia is the widow of Martin Burnham and the mother of Jeff, Mindy, and Zach. For 17 years she and Martin served with New Tribes Mission in the Philippines.”

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