Gracia answers her most Frequently Asked Questions…

What is the best way to get in touch with Gracia The best way to get in touch with Gracia is to write her a letter. Gracia Burnham Ministries, PO Box 10, Rose Hill, KS 67133

How Are You Doing? Thanks for asking! I am doing really well. I’m healthy and happy. I enjoy living in Florida near 7 of my grandchildren.

How Are Your Children? Everyone is great. My three children are grown and married. I have 8 grandchildren.

How Do You Spend Your time? I am a rep for Ethnos360 and I still travel and speak a bit. I am slowing down and trying to do more local events in Florida.

Don’t You Get Tired of Telling Your Story? Well, I get tired of packing the bag, and the wear and tear of travel, but inevitably I will arrive to speak somewhere and a kind person will say, “We can’t wait to hear your story. We prayed for you!” That makes me excited to tell it one more time.

What Do You Talk About? Most people who invite me to speak want to hear the story of our captivity in the jungle, so I tell lots of stories about that. I want folks to know how God changed me in the jungle and I love sharing the rest of the story. There is always a rest of the story isn’t there? I pick and choose what I am going to emphasize based on the particular audience.

Did You Ever Imagine That You Would Be Traveling and Speaking Like This? Never. Actually, Martin was an excellent speaker so he always did that for our family. It was sort of forced on me, but I have practiced. If you really practice anything, you get pretty good at it. And, I have a whole years’ worth of material to choose from.

What Kept You Going In the Jungle? Well, obviously Martin. He always had something wise and/or encouraging to say to motivate me to hang in there. And God gave me the strength to go on like He promised. “I will strengthen you. I will help you. I will uphold you with my mighty arm.” I found those words from the scripture to be true, for sure. And some stubbornness on my part kept me going, I think. Not wanting the bad guys to win.