For 17 years, Martin and Gracia Burnham served as missionaries in the Philippines with New Tribes Mission. Martin was an experienced jungle pilot who brought mail and supplies to the region. In 2001, they were taken hostage by militant Muslims. After 376 days of captivity, Martin was killed during a rescue attempt, but Gracia was freed. Gracia is now a popular speaker and a New York Times bestselling author of two books  – In the Presence of my Enemies and To Fly Again..


Name: Gracia Jones Burnham
Born: Cairo, Illinois
Married: May 28, 1983 in Kansas City
Husband: Martin Burnham
(September 19, 1959 – June 7, 2002)
Children: All born in the Philippines
Jeffrey Paul
Melinda Joy
Zachary Scott
Captivity: May 27, 2001 – June 7, 2002

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Typically, Gracia uses either the 6-minute or the 3-minute introduction just prior to her speaking. Gracia’s event coordinator will offer guidance related to this. No other introduction is needed.  Gracia will begin her speaking at the conclusion of the video.  The 1.5 minute video is suitable for publicity purposes prior to the event.
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