The Martin & Gracia Burnham Story


This is a visualized Bible lesson for 9-12 year olds.
Includes: Scripture; Memory Verse; Teaching Objectives; Suggested Songs and 8 full color flashcards (13″ x 9.5″)

For 17 years, Gracia and Martin served with New Tribes Mission in the Philippines where Martin was a jungle pilot delivering mail, supplies, and encouragement to other missionaries, and transporting sick and injured patients to medical facilities. Gracia served in various roles supporting the aviation program and also home-schooling their children – all of whom were born in the Philippines.

On May 27, 2001, the Burnhams were taken captive by a militant group of Muslims called the Abu Sayyaf Group. In addition to the Burnhams, the group seized several more guests and took them to Basilan Island, an ASG stronghold.

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